Herbapol Poznań

Known and liked for several decades, Sylimarol is the flagship drug of Herbapol Poznań. Five years ago, we launched the first television campaign for this brand, informing the public about a change of its packaging and about rebranding. Since then, we have promoted the brand every year, gradually rejuvenating its image and addressing the message to a group of younger people, bearing in mind that the brand is already known by over 90% of the older generation. We have mainly used television and the press, and advertising has also appeared on the internet recently.

Despite the high competition in the product category, with new liver and digestion supplements being launched all the time, Sylimarol has maintained the leader’s position as a result of the  effectively planned campaigns. In 2018 the brand communication was changed and expanded. We resigned from showing fatty food, burdened liver and struggling body in favour of the idea of  cleansing and detoxifying the liver. The above fits into the current trends of balanced life and wellbeing.

The development of the brands of Sylimarol and Urosept, which we also had the pleasure to promote (chiefly in largescale online activities), is going in the direction of educating people and pointing out the beneficial influence of herbal substances on maintaining health and good shape of the body and our internal organs.

Creation – Unia Interactive Agency

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