• 18 October 2020

#DziękujemyŻePijecieMleko (#ThankYouForDrinkingMilk)

#DziękujemyŻePijecieMleko (#ThankYouForDrinkingMilk)

#DziękujemyŻePijecieMleko (#ThankYouForDrinkingMilk) 600 721 MediaOn

From September to November, Mediaon, together with our M&CC partner, has been running campaigns to promote milk drinking. The campaign is a kind of smile of milk producers, breeders and their families towards consumers who include milk in their daily diet.

The face of the campaign is Marta Manowska. The activities are addressed both to B2B from the dairy and food industry as well as to final consumers. The media used in the campaign are mainly television, digital and press. For more information see the link. https://www.wirtualnemedia.pl/artykul/marta-manowska-dziekujemy-ze-pijecie-mleko

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