• 18 October 2020



Cedral 600 721 MediaOn

The campaign is addressed to the construction industry, architects and people interested in building houses or small forms of landscape architecture.

The products advertised this year are facade boards and roof tiles.

The Cedral brand draws on over 100 years of heritage of Eternit and Euronit. Under this brand, highly rated fiber cement products are available, including small format tiles for roofs and facades.

Etex Exteriors is constantly looking for innovations and strives to ensure that the products provide the highest possible value to its customers. Materials with the Cedral brand give each year a new range of possibilities, more choice and expertise to assist in the construction of houses and other facilities.

Together with Etex Group we try to inspire Poles to take a new, fresh look at construction and finishing materials and show the possibilities of using them in modern design.


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